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Bengaluru City

Bengaluru (Bangalore), truly a place of and for excellence ... though some may, and do complain that the amount of importance the city gets is disproportionate for its size. Bengaluru is the unquestioned leader in technological innovation. The absolute amount of talent and resources at the disposal of the city seems so unfair, gathered through sheer hard work and ingenuity over the years. What people are yet to notice, however, is the social change Bengaluru (Bangalore) is gradually effecting throughout the urban landscape of the country ... and this may turn out to be even bigger change than the tech revolution. Bengaluru(Bangalore) doesn't believe in protectionism to create jobs. It has simply made it attractive for others to get their jobs done over here ... and the companies find it more profitable to exist here.

Habba and Fairs

Some of the likely responses from the people who visited Bengaluru during the festival season will more often than not contain more exclamation marks rather than words. Some are attracted by the energy and the frenzy, whereas others find the variety more captivating. Try ignoring the people celebrating, you just cannot. Want to escape from the music? You can't. Yet the atmosphere remains remarkably relaxed and people at their congenial best, even when the systems should be bursting at its seams. Still not clear what does Habba mean after all? Well, it's the Kannada word for festival. For the record, there is an annual cultural event by the same name also celebrated in the city. The city blooms and blushes during the festival season, while the shoppers continue their hunt for their favourite shopping items even in the festival season ... and they are not being unreasonable, as your experience will show after you land in the city.

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Cab/Taxi Services

Located in Bengaluru(Bangalore), there are many professional car rental services that offer a large fleet of cars to the tourists traveling to the city. If you are looking for a longer term arrangement, you can either lease or rent the vehicle on a contract basis, depending as per your needs. The vehicles available range from Tata Sumo, Mitsubishi Lancer, Tata Safari, Toyota Qualis, Tata Indica, Hyundai Accent, Toyota Corolla, Deluxe Sumo and the Mercedes Benz among others. It is made sure that the drivers offered along with the cars are qualified and educated to serve the tourists' needs.

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luxury Hotels

Princely, extravagant, and extremely luxurious ...nothing can be more exciting than staying in the luxury hotels of Bangaluru. The city's finest luxury hotels are among the best in the world. All you've to do to enjoy the extremely relaxed and comfortable staying experience in the city is to just land there. The rest takes care of itself. If you manage to reach here just in time for some discounted rates, nothing like it. Located across some really convenient locations in Bengaluru, the hotels offer superlative guest services with facilities such as spa, fitness centres, conference rooms and facilities, and some superb restaurants. This is just a peek into what you can expect, and is by no means exhaustive.

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If the world business today is a jigsaw puzzle, and you keep bengaluru out of it, chances are you will never be able to solve it, as one of the most (if not the most) important part lies here. There are people whose taxes are being done in bengaluru(Bangalore), there are others who are getting their software written here, all while sitting in New York or San Francisco (for that matter, anywhere). Moreover, you'll find someone somewhere here who'll promise to track your luggage for you as well. Blessed with a moderate and pleasant climate, the city has become the virtual back office for the world. So if you are visiting bengaluru(Bangalore) for business purpose, you won't be asking us when to visit the place. You won't regret your visit either, as the place remains soothing enough even amidst the jungle of concrete throughout the year. Although, given an option, you may want to avoid the rainy season that falls between July and September.