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The people of Bengaluru (Bangalore) have come to be known as a dynamic lot, whichever caste, community or religion they come from. The place has an international hue to it due to the flourishing IT industry here. The best of the IT professionals from all around the world are migrating to Bengaluru. The city presents a picture of contrast with on one end, with the glitzy malls catering to the rich and famous, and then there are auto rickshaw drivers, and rickshaw pullers on the other end of the spectrum. It doesn't mean ,though, that the there is any difference in their attitude towards life, as both kinds of people here tend to live life to the fullest.

Bengaluru (Bangalore) is also becoming an educational hub as numerous students arrive at the city to get their graduation or post graduation degrees. There are some negative changes as well, as there used to be no violence and similar incidents reported from the place and Bengaluru was perceived as a uniquely divine and serene city with a natural tolerance for all kinds of viewpoint.


The majority of Bengaluru people speak Kannada as the first language. Kannada belongs to the Dravidian family and is also the official language of the state. A sizable population of the city, especially the younger lot, speak English, which is also very popular among the IT professionals. Other languages being spoken by the people of Bengaluru include Telugu (the official language of Andhra Pradesh), Tamil (the official language of Tamil Nadu) and Hindi.

It is seen that there is a sharp distinction between the spoken and written form of Kannada. Spoken Kannada varied even in different regions of Karnatka, and when those speakers come to Bengaluru, the city begins to mirror the whole state. On the other hand, the written language is constant, and retains its form throughout.


Bengaluru enjoys an ambiance that suggests to its residents that nothing is out of reach. The place has malls that compete with the best in the world (read USA and UK), then there are banks that give you loans even if you want to buy a watch of Rs 100,000. Watching a movie at a Bengaluru multiplex can set you back by as much as Rs 500, even after you are ready to shell out the money, it may be difficult to get a ticket on weekends. The malls are overflowing with people during peak hours, so even if you manage some parking space for your car, there are chances that you may not enter the place yourself.

Almost everyone has a cellphone and then there are people who may carry two to three cell phones with varied calling plans. One for roaming, another for coverage in areas where other phones don't work and one for everyday use. Dinner at a decent restaurant may set you back by Rs 1000 and it may still be difficult to get table reservations. There are separate targeted hoardings that shout at the workers of call centers and BPO workers to get home packed dinners, instead of cooking.

If the adult mainstream is so status conscious, how can the kids be expected to stay behind. The bey blades are a huge rage among the kids of Bengaluru (Bangalore) nowadays, each of which cost Rs 325 apiece. Even if you are a USA national (or NRI) and thinking of moving to Bengaluru, you definitely won't miss any of the worldly goods.

Eating Habits

Bengaluru is no less than a paradise for those who love good food. You'll be spoiled with the huge variety of choices available, right from the traditional to the exotic for those who like to experiment. There are numerous “Idli” shops that serve simple yet excellent food. There are many restaurants that offer you from Chinese to continental to pure desi food items.

Let's start out by talking about some famous Bengaluru items (not limited to the city, but definitely belong here). These include Dosa, Idli and Vadas. Taste wise or popularity wise, even the older restaurants and eating joints give their richer counterparts a run for their money while preparing Dosas, Idlis and Vadas. There are certain Dosa joints that are known for preparing typical Madrasi Dosa for those who are used to it. As far as Vadas go, the sheer size of it will tell you that it's made in Bengaluru. No other city has the heart to prepare such Vadas at these prices.

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