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It was in early 1980s that the first push for making bengaluru an Electronic city came from the state government. By late 1990s the push had already generated its desired effect and the city was already being known as the nerve centre of the Indian software industry. Many of the eminent personalities of India such as C V Raman, Prakash Padukone, N R Narayan Murthy, and Girish Karnad among others call Bengaluru their home today.

An All Rounder

Now that the IT industries and Internet companies are doing so well, let's not forget the all-round personality of the city. Home to a sizable Anglo Indian community, Bengaluru (Bangalore) is home to somewhat more westernized people compared to other cities. The travelers from the world over, treat it as more of a connecting point to other renowned places of southern India such as Hampi, Mysore, even Kerala and Goa. Despite this image, Bengaluru's attractions such as Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Cubbon Park, Vidhan Soudha- the state assembly building, Shopping Streets like MG Road, Brigade Road and Commercial Street and Malls like Forum and bengaluru Central among others have had a steady stream of visitors these days.

There's More to it than Just IT

Thanks to the outsourcing revolution, Bengaluru (Bangalore) has emerged as the global hub for the IT service industry. The new face of the city is being shaped by steady stream of influx of foreign money though the trend gas a downside as well. The real estate value has shot up and has gone beyond the reach of the average Indian thus making it unaffordable for them. The same has, however, not deterred the multi national corporations as well as large Indian corporations from setting up base here. Some of the areas that have witnessed some huge real estate development include areas around Devanahalli and Information Technology Corridor area, though that's more like a parallel universe compared to the old city.

The development is not without costs though. Start riding in a car or van around bengaluru, and chances are that you'll pretty quickly get caught up in traffic snarl near a clogged intersection. There are people everywhere and most of them behave more like the residents of the Silicon Valley. The slang dictionaries of the US are out in full force as nobody wants to be left behind in the mad race to become we-don't-know-what.

You're in Good Company

But keep looking for you are surely going to encounter positives out of it, there will be some Mercedes vehicles stuck with you as well in the traffic jam. So you may relax, for you are in good company. Look outside the window and you'll see some men in Armani with cellphones pressed against their ears walking. The Mahatma Gandhi Road sports some endless rows of boutiques catering exclusively to the new rich of Bengaluru (Bangalore), some of whom posses more money compared to the amount their earlier 500 generations did. New generations are still entering the place with dreams of making it big here, and that's probably what keeps the magic of this place alive today.

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