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Future plans to develop

Fading Landmarks

The moment we start talking about the future of the Bengaluru, we just have to look at the present to get an idea of the future. Ask the average old residents of the city, who turn nostalgic when they see the older landmarks being overshadowed by the concrete jungles of today, which don't even pretend to be as gracious as the buildings of yore. The office buildings usually are being inspired by their leaders who have studied in the USA or UK and tend to go with the glass studded buildings along with aluminum structures supporting with a liberal dose of concrete. There are some elements though that have now begun to question the huge emphasis on glass and concrete combination and are looking towards the older landmarks for new construction ideas.

The Way Forward is Higher

The city skyline and architecture are changing it in ways that will make it very different from the way it has looked so far. High rise skyscrapers, massive residential buildings are becoming the norm rather than being exceptions. At the same time, the property developers must be given the credit for giving proper emphasis to plenty of open spaces and just the right amount of greenery. They have also been prodded by the families of today, who do need the open space and lung space for their family members to move about. So, if you make some provision for the all too natural nostalgia, the Bengaluru of today is going to get a comprehensive brand new look.

The city was so far content with following London where low rise buildings are more in vogue. But as the demand rises with shortage of space, the trend towards high rises is only natural. The website of Emporis, the global provider of building data, has also shown that Bengaluru is fast moving towards skyscrapers (12 floors or more) as far as residential complexes are concerned.

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