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The standard of living of particular City can be measured by the lifestyle of the people who are living in it. Bengaluru is a metropolitan City with a highly cosmopolitan social fabric. This is reflected in the kind of people who live in the City and their general life in the City of Bengaluru.

Dynamic Blend

When you talk about the people of Bengaluru, the first word that you can associate with them is ‘Dynamism’. A dynamic blend of people inhabits the City and the City is a sublime mixture of various communities, languages, castes, and religions. Moreover, the emergence of Bengaluru as an IT capital of India gave it an international character and improved the standard of living of the people of the City. With the influx of more and more people from various part of India, on account of the tremendous employment opportunities afforded the City, Bengaluru quickly became a melting pot of various cultures.

A City for the Common People

The cost of living in Bengaluru has increased over time, but this does not mean the City has shunted out the population that does not earn as much as the working professionals who are a part of the City. It has something to suit all budget requirements and so you will find different kinds of shops, entertainment options, and restaurants for a varied range of people. The City welcomes everybody and gives everyone an option to live a life that does not stretch their budget levels. Also, it’s a City that pays homage to the ‘Spirit of Living’ and hence allows the whole gamut of its population to enjoy life to its fullest, be it the lower income groups, the middle income groups, or those with superior incomes.

A City of the Affluent

Bengaluru is also a City that enables one to live the high life. The glitzy malls, the huge entertainment complexes, and the fine wining and dining restaurants, amongst other hotspots play host to the rich and affluent citizens of the City. They also cater to the young working professionals who have a good income and love spending on the good things in life. This could be anything right from clothes, to food and from movies to art and crafts.

The City of Entertainment

Once in Bengaluru, it’s a given, that you wont get bored in a hurry. There is simply too much to do, in the City for anyone to get bored. If you love movies then there are various cinema halls and multiplexes that will offer you a wide range of choices. If you love theatre, dances etc, then the numerous auditoriums in the City cater to this need and so on and so forth.

Cinema Halls and Multiplexes

There are a large number of options to choose from when it comes to cinema halls and multiplexes in Bengaluru. They are located in various areas of the City and easy to reach. Moreover, you can pick from a large amount of movie options including English, Hindi, Kannada and those in other regional languages.

Bars and Pubs

Come, nightfall, and people make their way to the bars and pubs of the City. These waterholes cater to all kinds of preferences and so, you have Pubs that cater to football lovers, while there are others that cater to lovers of Rock music.

Malls and Shopping Centers

Feel like shopping! Then Bengaluru is a shopoholics paradise. There are simply a mind boggling array of shopping centers and malls that cater to each and every shopping requirement of an individual, however, big or small.

Wine and Dine

To say that Bengaluru has numerous restaurants or eateries would be an understatement. We can say that there are a humongous number of wine and dine options spread all across the City, and there are new additions almost on a daily basis.

Art Galleries

If you are an art lover then you don’t need to despair. Art Galleries all over Bengaluru display some of the most beautiful paintings and arts pieces that will you will ever lay your eyes on.


Visitors and Citizens alike who want to get a feel of the vibrant culture of the State of Karnataka or India in general can choose from the various programs that are held at some of the state-of-the-art auditoriums in the City.

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