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Airport Taxi Service is one of the most important services connecting any airport to the City and its various locations.


Usually it is seen that the airport is on the outskirts of the city, which means it is a fair bit of distance away. Accesses to the airport could become dangerous and risky if the airport taxi service is not systematic and recorded. If the taxi service from the airport is not organized there are chances of the passengers being robbed of their belongings. On the other hand the taxi drivers may ask any amount that suits them. It is also possible that the taxi driver may make the passenger go round the city just to increase the counts in the meter. Thus there is a need of an organized taxi service to and fro the airport. The international airport at Bangalore is growing very fast and keeping this factor into consideration the customer service needs to be of a higher level. Thus, the airport taxi service at the Bangalore international airport has evolved to be one of the best organized airport taxi services in India.


If you want to avail the service of the airport taxi service it is just as far as the mobile phone away from you. You have to just dial the number of customer care at the call centre of the airport and the taxi is booked. Once you have given the details about yourself, you need not repeat the details every time you book the taxi, just because your data is stored in the computers.


There are two types of official taxi operators namely Meru Cabs and Easy Cabs. The passengers are facilitated with safe, convenient and cost effective travel. The usual mode of transport is the standard Sedan which is air conditioned. The operations of the taxi services are very systematic and organized. The drivers are trained not only to drive the taxis smoothly but also to be professional. They are instructed to count the baggage before the passenger boards the taxi and when the passenger leaves the taxi. This is very necessary because luggage is usually the cause of altercation between the taxi driver and the passengers.


The rate of the taxi service is pre-decided and is usually in the form of a table. The rate of the taxi service is directly proportional to the distance traveled by the passenger. The rates of the taxi also varies with the type and facilities provided in the taxi. It is obvious that the rates for a taxi with an air conditioner would be higher than the one without an air conditioner. The rates also depend on the time factor. There is a waiting charge too.

Payment and Feedback

The payment for the taxi service availed has to be made after the journey has finished. The passenger gets an electronic receipt for the money that he has paid for the services rendered to him /her. The total payment is based on the time and distance traveled by the passenger. When you are doing the payment you have to fill up the feedback form too. The feedback form is important for the management of taxi services because the feedback is the best way to find the loopholes and improve.

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