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About the Management

The new Bengaluru (Bangalore) International Airport is owned and operated by The Bengaluru International Airport Ltd. also known as BIAL. BIAL is a public limited company. This is a private-public venture. The project is being realized phase by phase. This company is going to operate the airport for the next 30 years. This company also has an option for continuing the operations for another 30 years.


The airport is located about 50 km from the city at Devanahalli. From MG Road, the center of the city, this airport is 35 kilometers. This airport has replaced the old HAL Bengaluru International Airport. The construction of this airport was scheduled to start in 1995 but was postponed and finally began after a decade in July 2005.


The new airport was first planned to handle 3.5 million passengers per year. Now the new airport has been redesigned to accommodate 12 million passengers annually. This was necessary because this airport has turned out to be the fourth fastest growing airport in India. Most of the Information technology industries have head offices at Bengaluru (Bangalore). Moreover this city is the state capital of Karnataka. This city houses the best of health, medical and educational services. In future this airport is going to be directly connected with the National Highway 7. This airport is also going to be connected with the Ring Road of the city.


There is a single passenger terminal. It is totally air-conditioned. The building has four levels. It can accommodate the international and domestic operations simultaneously. The departure lounge and the arrival lounge are distinctly separated from each other with the help of the latest, straight ahead simple flow system. The departure lounges for both domestic and international flights are located on the first floor. Most of the retail outlets are also located on first floor. The ground floor houses the check in facilities as well as the baggage reclamation.

The terminal has been designed in such a way that the operation is easy and the maintenance is minimized. The overall floor area is about 760000 square feet. At peak hours the terminal can handle 2733 passengers. Best industry practices are reflected in the design of the terminal. The airport is operational 24 hours a day. The IATA standards are strictly adhered to. There are 54 common use terminal equipment enabled check in counters. The self check counters number 20. There are 20 gates at this airport. The number of aero bridges stands at 8 while there is only one double arm. The number of remote bus bays stands at 19. 2000 cars can be parked simultaneously in front of the terminal building. Thus, this terminal has been designed to provide maximum facility and services to the passengers.

Runway, Flights and Fee

The airport has a single runaway that can handle all types of aircrafts. In the future when the annual traffic reaches 18 million passengers there are plans to build the second runway. The international departure lounges number to three and are namely Kingfisher, the Leela and Oberoi. A fee of Rs.1070 is collected from all passengers who are on the international flights.

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