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Tips for Travellers

Take Care

Don't get it wrong. Bengaluru is a quite safe city, but still, it's better to be on your guard in the night. Try not to walk alone in the night in the places that are somewhat secluded. Don't make it too obvious that you are a person with abundant wealth. It's correct that Bengaluru has seen a boom in terms of business, the fact remains that it has also caused disparity between the rich and poor to grow, thus resulting in some problems. Well, the correct word is crime.

While pickpocketing is a problem almost everywhere, especially in busy crowded areas. Don't leave your drinks unattended, as there have been cases of unsuspecting tourists being drugged. At least don't drink after it's unintentionally been left unattended for a while.

If you are an outsider, chances are you are not aware of local driving habits. So driving on the roads can be somewhat dangerous. If you've hired a car, better to take a driver along.

Business Hours

The Banks are usually open between 1000 hrs and 1500 hrs on weekdays, between 1000 hrs and 1300 hrs on Saturday. The banks are closed on Sundays.


The electricity supply is of 240V and 50 Hz. The plugs are usually two or three round pin types.

Cautious About Health

Food poisoning due to bacteria is a very real possibility, especially for those visiting India for the first time, You are not accustomed to the ways of the place, and your body might not have developed the right kind of immunity yet. Only properly sealed bottled water should be taken. You should be equally cautious about the consumption of fish and meat, and do make sure that these are thoroughly cooked in a good quality restaurant. This sort of caution should extend to salads as well, as you need to be sure that the ingredients have been cleaned properly.

There is a possibility of dehydration in case the weather is hot. So make sure that you drinks lots of water. Although there have been no instances of human infection of bird flu in India, it's better to take precautions and stay away from birds and eat only well cooked poultry dishes and egg dishes. The hospitals in the city are pretty well equipped and so are the medicine shops. Make sure that you have travelers' health insurance to cover the unforeseen health emergencies.

Currency Exchange

There are numerous authorized currency exchanges and banks where you can easily exchange the major currencies. Make sure that the Indian currency notes that you accept are in good condition as these would not be accepted back when you go back get cash back in your currency.


The general experience about the Indian is that they are quite tolerant of the habits of the visitors, yet there are some basic etiquettes that are expected from everyone. It is generally expected of women to dress somewhat conservatively, and they should try to cover their heads during a visit any religious places. Anyone entering temples should remove the footwear. Also, you'll do well to keep in mind that in the event of being asked for help, Indians tend to say yes even if they cannot help you.


Tipping is expected in India, although in small amounts. Often the hotel staff members share the tip amount and when you are in doubt how much to pay, 10% is usually acceptable.


In India it's a tightrope walk if you are a non-vegetarian. Many Indians are vegetarians, whereas those who do eat meat, consider cow as sacred. Pigs are thought of as unclean by the Muslims. So it's safe to ask for chicken if you are attending some kind of get together, or are in a restaurant with other Indian guests.

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